Middletown Peach Fest. 2022

peach festEvery year thousands of people jam Main Street in the heart of Middletown, Delaware for the Olde Thyme Peach Festival. This year marked the 29th anniversary of its beginning and what an event it was. Shore Smoke Seasonings has never vended this event before, so this year was our first. Fun fact, Peaches are the state fruit of Delaware. What started as a hectic morning led to wonderful weather (a little humid) and a great day for Team Shore Smoke.

The best sellers for this event were Queen Bee, That’s Amore, Satan Spice, Rub my Meat and of course Game Day. Those 5 seasonings SOLD OUT 3 hours into the show. Meat Claws sold out halfway through the day as well and sample packs became a hot ticket item for early Christmas shoppers.
One thing we enjoy about local Delaware shows close to Smyrna (where we used to live) is how many people come up to us and say things like “We have followed you since the beginning and love watching you grow” or “I remember you guys driving door to door throughout the town handing out samples of your blends for people to try”. Plus, we get to see so many familiar faces who we haven’t seen since we have moved down by the shore.

The peach festival provided us with such warm hospitality and the people who were involved throughout the day from the employees to the volunteers you all did such an amazing job. I can now see why everyone looks forward to this event every year.

One specific story I remember for the day was speaking with a gentleman who had just recently purchased a smoker. He had a few questions on how to use the seasonings and what was good on what, but we spent most of the time talking about his NFL kickoff party he throws each year and this year he wanted to try and smoke something. We talked all the different items he wanted to cook such as brisket, ribs, and turkey. He finally settled on wings with That’s Amore seasoning, queso with Satan Spice and a pork butt to turn into pulled pork sandwiches with Rub my Meat.
Its conversations like those that make me realize just how lucky I am to be doing this. Its also such an incredible honor and quite humbling at the same time to have random strangers walk up to you and say, “All we do is use your seasonings” or my kid wouldn’t eat vegetables before but ever since we put Queen Bee on it, he eats them like candy”.

Thank you once again to everyone who was involved with the Middletown Olde Thyme Peach Festival. We had an amazing time, and we look forward to returning next year. Hopefully next year we can get over early enough to get a peach pie. Rumor has it they sold out of them in the first 2 hours. Until next time Middletown.

Next weekend be sure to check out to the Delaware Burger Battle in Wilmington Delaware. Ryan will be a celebrity judge for the event finals. This event is already sold out so its sure to be a great time.

-Ryan Stevenson