Where It All Begins

Shore Smoke Seasonings About Us - Ryan and Nicole StevensonIn 2013 when Ryan and Nicole were starting their lives out together Ryan was given a promotion at work. Ryan decided he was going to grill up some steaks to celebrate. Not having any money to spare, due to Ryan’s recent diabetes diagnosis, and just moving into a new place together, Nicole told Ryan he had to mix up seasonings they had in the cabinet. There wasn’t any extra money to buy more seasonings. Ryan reluctantly agreed, and he started mixing up a delicious blend.

The very best steak seasoning they had ever tasted.

Ryan made extra of this blend, and they would only use it for special occasions for the next 7 years. He kept this “secret recipe” a secret from Nicole all these years until they went into business together.

Throughout the years Ryan loved mixing his own recipes and it became a passion of his. With some downtime during covid in 2020 Nicole told Ryan he should sell his seasonings; Ryan was unsure about the idea.

For Ryan’s birthday, Nicole bought him a business license, and Shore Smoke was born. Samples were handed out to their community to narrow down the top blends and to gain honest feedback from their community.

What we thought would be a little hobby, turned into a full-time business overnight. As we all found ourselves forced to eat at home because of the pandemic there was a greater need for something different, something tasty.

Ryan lost his job due to covid and never looked back. It was now or never, chase your dreams or watch them pass you by. It was only the beginning of greater things to come. With hope, a dream, an idea, a plan, and a lot of passion and dedication today Shore Smoke has over 60 recipes and 10 blends currently in production. Shore Smoke is vastly growing into retail locations in the US.

Are you wondering what that first delicious seasoning blend was? It’s Game Day!

Game Day was the first seasoning Ryan ever made and today it’s one of Shore Smoke’s top sellers and one of our award-winning blends.

The hope for Shore Smoke’s future is to become a household name for generations to enjoy.

We wouldn’t be here today without our loyal customers; family & friends and we truly do appreciate all of your support.

– The Stevenson Family

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