It’s hot outside and preseason football has started, so for Shore Smoke Seasonings that can only mean one thing…

ITS EVENT SEASON BABY!!!!!! (Say it in your Vince Vaughn Wedding Crashers voice)

That’s right the calendar is a few days away from turning to September, and that is when Shore Smoke Seasonings begins full throttle until the calendar flips to 2024.

It is without a doubt almost my favorite time of year. I’m a big Fall season person and it just happens to be my favorite time of the work year as well. Growing up on a pumpkin farm I wasn’t always a Fall guy, because that was some hard-core manual labor. Planting pumpkin by hand in late June isn’t something I recommend I’ll tell you that, but nevertheless the pumpkins, crisp fall air, changing of the leaves, the holidays begin, football and of course event season for us.

People ask me all the time why I love working events, and why do I want to give up every weekend from Mid-August to January every year? The answer is that it’s not just one thing that draws me to this season. The reality is I love talking to people and I love talking about cooking and Shore Smoke Seasonings more. When people walk up to our booth and ask me “So what are each seasoning good on?” That’s when I feel most in my comfort zone. I love asking people what they like to cook and what type of cooking they do most. It’s so rewarding to be able to get people excited about going home and cooking something when they haven’t been excited about cooking before.

Another wonderful thing about the event season is that it falls right in line with the holiday season. One thing that will never get old is one someone walks up and asks me what I should get my son or husband for Christmas because they love to cook. Talking to them and getting to know the person they are gifting and finding the perfect gift for them to give is such a rewarding feeling. Everyone knows when they have a good gift to give you, you’re always excited to see the person open it and that’s one thing I enjoy immensely is knowing when they leave our booth, they feel excited to give Shore Smoke Seasonings as a gift.

We always love going to both Fall and Winter shows in Harrington Delaware. That was one of the first real shows we ever did, and we have been back for every show since the year 2020. Another favorite is where Nicole joins me for the Howard County Christmas Crafts Spectacular that is ran by our good friend Mark. It’s one of those shows that draws thousands of people every day, and if you leave there not in the Christmas spirit your name should be scrooge. With over 400 vendors spread all over you are sure to find something for even the toughest shopper. Nicole and I enjoy this show because we don’t go to many shows together, but this one is special because it’s when we celebrate our anniversary every year. We hit the same restaurants every year and always make sure and stop by all the vendors we have enjoyed in the past.

Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year again and I can’t wait to get back on the road. If you know of any events, you would like to see Shore Smoke Seasonings at please let us know.

-Ryan Stevenson